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Sock Sizes Explained... Finally!

About Sock Sizes

Have you ever wondered what the 9-11 or 10-13 means on women's and men's socks?

These sock sizes represent how many inches long your foot is!

Each brand has some wiggle room in how they size their socks - one brand's 9-11 may fit slightly different sizes than another's.  Please check the online description of the sock you are interested in, as we make an effort to include the exact shoe sizes there.


Women's Sock Sizes

Women's sock size is usually presented on sock packaging as "Sock Size 9-11." This usually translates to a woman's U.S. shoe size 5-10.

{ European 36-41 / UK 3-8 }


Men's Sock Sizes

Men's sock size is usually presented on sock packaging as "Sock Size 10-13." This usually translates to a man's U.S. shoe size 8-12.5.

{ European 42-46, UK 7-12 }


What about wide calves?

Have you ever measured the circumference of your calf? That's OK, I didn't either until recently, when a customer asked about which knee high socks would fit around her muscular calves. Here's a breakdown of stretchiness:

Knee Highs:

  • Most knee high socks can fit around a calf circumference of 6 inches to approximately 18 inches (15 cm - 45 cm).
  • Wide Calf socks can fit up to a 21 inch (53 cm) circumference.
  • Pattern makes a difference! The simpler the pattern, the stretchier the sock. 
  • Please contact us with questions:

 Sock Sizes



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