Classy And Stylish Socks - 5 Pairs
Classy And Stylish Socks - 5 Pairs
Classy And Stylish Socks - 5 Pairs

Classy and Stylish Socks - 5 Pairs

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Package: Gift Box
Quantity: 5 pairs/box

size : 38-46 EU and 7-12 US


According to scientific statistics, in average, we use one quarter of a day in walking, it's very important to get a soft comfortable socks because we will be much effective at work with a pair of wonderful socks. We base on it and produce these wonderful socks to share the comfortable state with you and save money. It's valuable to get these wonderful socks by this price.


100% Designed to Suit Your Feet

*Knitted from high quality combed cotton, only the sturdiest fibers were used to create long-lasting comfort that your feet will love everyday.

*Fashion Young Style. Funny Pattern Funny Life, Novelty Pattern make you outstanding in everyday.

*Once you've pulled on these playfully patterned socks, you won't want to take them off! 

*Nothing compares to a pair of comfy socks against your feet, take it and open your bright life.

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